Product Visualization

High quality visualization of commercial products using CG
The Explosion Research Institute is using the GPL raytracing software Blender to
create high quality, photo realistic  visualizations of commercial products. Using
Blender, we are able to create virtually any environment.  The realistic  rendering of the created scenes is finally achieved by using the GPL raytracer Yafray, which is embedded in the Blender modeling software.



We can briefly summarize our capabilities to visualize commercial products in a realistic manner by using CG as follows:

・ True-to-scale construction of products
・ Fast, photo-realistic rendering including global illumination
・ Custom  models and renderings available on request
・ All models are created using the GPL software Blender.
・ All models are visualized using the GPL software Yafaray.


Modeling software Blender 2.49a
Visualization software Yafaray
Modeling Time 1-2 days for simple products
Rendering Time 1-3 minutes per frame (low-res)



Download movie of the entire simulation, WM9 compressed:
High Quality (18MB) Medium Quality(5MB) Low Quality(3MB)
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