Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Information
Explosion Research Institute Inc. The “Contact Us” on customers who call you names, addresses and other personal information (the “Personal Information”) and will be handled as follows.

  1. Establish and privacy, continuous improvement
    The Company will recognize the importance of protecting personal information of all employees, established a system to protect the privacy of personal information appropriately, and continuous improvement.

  2. Acquisition of Personal Information Use
    The Company established provisions related to privacy and personal information appropriately in accordance with this operation. Also, notify the person or published, is limited to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes, handle personal information.

  3. Purpose of Personal Information
    Personal information we collect,
     ○ Normal operations such as material invoicing
     ○ Information on our products and services
     ○ To operate for the purposes stipulated by law
     ○ To provide comprehensive services in our joint use and collaboration between companies with
    As may be available. Also, in addition to the state-identifying personal information processing may be used as background information and statistical analysis.

  4. Provision of personal information to third parties
    The Company, except for shared use and joint use of subcontractors, without the consent of the person, do provide personal information to third parties. However, if by law, the emergency life, if you need the protection of property, when asked to cooperate with public institutions formality, as far as this. In any case, responsible for managing the proper management of personal information, and Explosion Research Institute Inc.

  5. Responding to his
    Our disclosure of personal information, such as correcting for the inquiry, make an appropriate response.

  6. Ensuring accuracy of personal information safety
    Our personal information is accurate, to ensure the safety and security measures with efforts to prevent loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of personal information from unauthorized access to personal information.

  7. Personal Information Protection Act, compliance and other standards
    We have laws on the protection of personal information, and various norms and related.

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