Our History

2006,Aug. ERI Inc. established. Capital:10,000,000 Yen.
2007,Mar. Capital increased to 12,500,000 Yen.
2007,Jul. ERI became distributor in Japan for FLACS, a product of Norwegian company GexCon.
2008,Jun. Computational Science Division opened in Yokohama.
2009,Jan. Capital increased to 18,800,000 Yen.
2009,Aug. Computational Science Division moved to the new Akihabara branch office.
2011,Feb. Capital increased to 20,000,000 Yen.
2011,May. ERI became distributor of IMPETUS AFEA®, a product of the Norwegian company Impetus.
2012,Apr. Head office moves to Akihabara.
2014, Sep. ERI becomes distributor of CRUNCH CFD in Japan/Korea, product of US company CRAFT Tech.
2015, Mar. Ushiku branch opens in Ushiku city.

Career (Representative Director Masatake Yoshida)
1981,Mar Graduated from University of Tokyo, as Doctor of Engineering
1981,Apr Senior Research Engineer at Ministry of Economy’s National Research Institute
1985,Oct Head Researcher
1985,Oct Visiting Researcher at America New Mexico State University
1985,Oct Lecturer of the master and doctoral course “Shock and Detonation Waves”
1986,Dec Served at the Science and Technology Agency R&D dept.
1995,Apr Director at the National Institute of Materials and Chemical Research
1995,Feb Same as above. Director of the high energy chemistry lab.
2002,Apr Deputy Chief of the Explosion Safety Research Center of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
2006,July Retired from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
2006,Aug Founding of the Explosion Research Institute Inc.
2007,Apr Guest Professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Applied Ceramics Institute
2009,Apr Guest Professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Sience and International Affairs Bereau (~2010,March)
2009,Nov President of the Open CAE Society of Japan (~2013,June)
2011,Apr Guest Professor at Kyoto University (~2012, Mar)
2003, Oct  Received the Award of Excellence in Visualisation at the NIKKEI Visual Science Festival
2003, Oct  At SC2003, the Bakoo Parallel Computer entered the Top500 list (Rank 351)
2004, May  Awarded the Japan Explosives Society Science Prize
Media Information
2011, Mar  Tech-On!(NIKKEI Business Publications) 「華麗なる技術者」(The Great Engineers)
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