Company Info

Name Explosion Research Institute Inc.
President Masatake Yoshida
Location ・ Head Office
 UBiz Hongo 3F, 3-5-2 Hongo, Bunkyo, Tokyo 101-0021, JAPAN
 TEL:+81-3-6803-2263 FAX:+81-3-6803-2264

・ Ushiku branch
 Ohnishi Bldg. D 5-9-3 Sakae-cho, Ushiku, Ibaraki 300-1233, JAPAN
 TEL:+81-29-846-5682 FAX:+81-29-846-5683
Date of Establishment August 10, 2006
Capital 20,000,000 Yen
Employees20 (Including part-time)
*As of June, 2015
  • Explosion Safety Consulting and Numerical Analysis
  • Development of Explosion Application systems (Disaster Analysis and Simulation)
  • Plan proposal, measurement and execution of Explosion/Impact(fast-process) experiments
  • “CFD/FEM Entrusted Analysis
  • Sales, installation, support service for GPU cluster, parallel processor hardware
  • Acceleration Consulting through Program parallelisation (GPU, MPI, OpenMP)
  • Attainment Analysis Consulting using CAE Software
  • Investigation/research, Sales/Consulting of CAE Software
  • And any other operations associated with the above
  • ※業務を円滑に進めるため弊社社員との電話は録音しております。予めご了承ください。

  • 爆発災害、数値計算、可視化などに関するご質問やご相談はこちらまで。