Explosion / Disaster Consulting

We handle various work such as Explosion/Disaster consulting, numerical analysis, program development and experiment based on our rich experience and achievements. Mainly focused on the evaluation of gas leakage/spreading/combustion & explosion/blast wave damage, method construction and design for damage reduction, we handle explosions from explosives, numerical analysis of accidents/disasters, speedup of analysis programs, converting results into Virtual Reality, and much more to satisfy your needs.
We also distribute software licenses related to analysis.

LPG Tank Explosion Analysis

Coupled Two-Way Analysis

Explosion・Combustion Experiment
A collection of our analysis and experiment cases can be seen in the page below.

  • BLEVE・VCE numerical analysis,safe distance evaluation of the LPG Tank/JSSE
  • FLACS numerical simulation of natural gas leak, explosion accidents/Symposium on Shock Waves in Japan
  • Spray diffusion and explosion simulation of combustible liquids
  • Numerical analysis evaluation and design of Explosion influence reduction methods
  • Evaluation of Blasting Influence from gas explosion
  • Evaluation of Gasoline vapor fluid diffusion simulation
  • Numerical analysis of combustible gas concentration distribution inside tank
  • Acceleration of Debris-avalanche shallow flooding equation Solver
  • Smoke and soot diffusion Simulation
  • Development of Black gunpowder reaction model, Fluid calculation
  • Simulation of blasting firework
  • Acceleration of Fluid calculation including chemical reactions
  • Consulting for explosion impact numerical analysis
  • Numerical Analysis of exfoliation due to 膜の高速噴霧固体窒素
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  • 爆発災害、数値計算、可視化などに関するご質問やご相談はこちらまで。