Software / License

IMPETUS Afea Solver
impetus_54.jpg IMPETUS Afea Solver is a structural analysis software able to handle collision/large deformation using the finite element method developed by IMPETUS Afea AS. of Norway. It is the next generation FEM Solver using the newest technology.

flacs.gif FLACS is a software for explosion danger analysis of combustible gas and Hydrogen developed by GexCon AS of Norway. In the full version, there are analysis options for Hydrogen leak processes and explosion, outgassing, gas explosion, transformer and switch oil fires/explosions and more.

cubi.png Cubit is a mesh creation tool kit evolving daily to achieve a fully automatic hexamesh, fully covering needs from shape forming to mesh creation.
It supports shape formation using solid modelling with an ACIS basis. Also, with an excellent journaling file system installed, it also supports the series of processing of parametric study from solid modelling to mesh creation.

ensight_small.png Ensight is a universal visualization software that effectively visualizes the results of numerical analysis. Developed in the United States by Computational Engineering International Inc., it visualizes fluid, structural, vibrational, coupled analysis and more, as well as simulation results from various solvers.

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