Video Filtering

High speed video filtering of HD video streams with GPU acceleration
The Explosion Research Institue has worked on using the GPU to accelerate the filtering process of video frames. In this project, HD video data (1920×1080) is decoded, then processed by the GPU and finally re-encoded as HD video stream..


Our GPU accelerated filtering software allows to speed up the task of HD video significantly. Conventional filtering approaches  are achieved in two steps: First,image the raw data is obtained from blue-ray video as bmp bitmap files by using the TMPGEnc decoder. Then, in a second step,  the bitmap images are processed and stored using Matlab. We can accelerate this process dramatically by using our proposed filtering system. An outline of the features is given below:

・ 40x speed-up over conventional filtering (TMPGEnc + MatLab)
・ Processing speed: 100 fps for HD movies (1920×1080) on a recent CPU & GPU.
・ Direct GPU accelerated video filtering without  storing intermediate image files
・ Support for most input video formats, including HD video formats (.m2ts , .vob)
・ Support for various output video codecs: MPG2, MPG4, H264,  HuffYUV
・ GPU accelerated filtering using the OpenGL shading language GLSL
・ Easy to write and modify filter scripts
・ Support for 3×3 and 5×5 convolution filtering.
・ Several filters like sobel, smoothing and emboss are already included.
・ Multi-core 64 bit  video decoding
・ Windows 32/64 bit and Linux 32/64 bit support

We have implemented the filter software using MS Visual C++ 2008.
It is optimized for 64 bit and uses the Direct Show API for video decoding.
The visualization is optional and implemented using the OpenGL API.

Development MS Visual C++ 2008
Video API MS Direct Show
Graphics API OpenGL

【 OpenGL GLSL 】
The OpenGL shading language GLSL allows to execute a custom script for each pixel on the screen.  Due to the parallel execution on the GPU, the processing is very fast.



Download the entire movie, MPG4 compressed:
High Quality (16MB) Medium Quality(8MB) Low Quality(4MB)
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