ERI Logo CFD Simulation

Multiple CFD simulation explosions are assembled to create the final ERI logo
The Explosion Research Institue has worked on using CFD for multiple purposes.
In this case, CFD was utilized to create a realistic  explosion. The explosion has been modeled using Salome Version 5.1.3.  The  fluid dynamics simulation has been accomplished using CFD++ Version 10.1, and the final rendein was achieved using.
the ERI GPU raycasting system.


The visualization of the ERI logo incorporates challenges in multiple areas due to the significant amount of data  arising from the simulation. To finally visualize our data,we have converted the ensight data created from the intitial fluid simulation to  60GB of raw floating point volume data. The software used to convert the explosion  data and visualize it has the following features.

・ Support for converting unstructured grid 3D ensight data to  raw volume data
・ Support for  visualizing  animated volume data
・ Support for  rendering movies from volume data at high resolution (up to 8192×8192)
・ GPU accelerated volume data raycasting using the OpenGL  shading language.
・ On the fly adjustment  of brightness, contrast and gamma.
・ Support for spline-based cubic texture filtering for maximal quality,
・ Support for assembling complex objects of existing volume data.
・ Windows 32/64 bit and Linux 32/64 bit support

We have implemented the visualization software using MS Visual C++ 2008 (Win7). and g++ (Linux).  The software to convert unstructured grid ensight data to raw volume data is only available for Linux at the moment.  The ERI GPU raycasting system is available for Linux and Windows.

Development g++ , MS Visual C++ 2008
Graphics API OpenGL
Shading Language OpenGL shading language (GLSL)
Ensight Reader API The visualization toolkit (VTK)

【 GLSL 】
The OpenGL shading language allows to execute custom scripts for each pixel on the screen. In our case, volume raycasting is achieved using GLSL.



Download movie of the entire simulation, WM9 compressed:
High Quality (25MB) Medium Quality (9MB) Low Quality (5MB)

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